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Tech Intellectuals: Your Strategic Partner in Technological Excellence

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Tech Intellectuals has pioneered the path of technological consulting and strategic solutions.

Our unique partnership model, combined with a decade of expertise, empowers us to deliver specialized, high-performance teams that drive significant business transformations. We have assembled an elite group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Industry Centers of Excellence, seasoned Solution Architects categorized by practice, and IT professionals specialized across various technology towers. This diverse expertise allows us to offer tailored, industry-specific solutions, ensuring our clients stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Our Core Competencies include:

Our Services
How we Engage

You have several ways to engage with us

Incremental Delivery, Time and Material, Agile Contract, Capped T&M, Fixed Cost Project

Project Based

This is a great option if the scope and the requirements are defined.

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Incremental Delivery, Time and Material, Agile Contract, Capped T&M, SAFe Contract

Agile Contracts

Agile use an incremental approach to both planning and development.

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Scaled Agile Courses

SAFe Agilist

Leading SAFe®

SAFe for Teams

SAFe® for Teams / SAFe® Practitioner

SAFe Scrum Master

SAFe® Scrum Master

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master

SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master

Release Train Engineer Certification

SAFe® Release Train Engineer

SAFe Product Owner Product Manager

SAFe® Product Owner / Product Manager

SAFe DevOps Practitioner

SAFe® DevOps Practitioner

SAFe Agile Software Engineering

SAFe® Agile Software Engineering

SAFe For Architects

SAFe® for Architects

SAFe Lean Portfolio Management

SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management

SAFe Agile Product Management

SAFe® Agile Product Management

SAFe for Government

SAFe® for Government

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