Software Testing

Quality Assurance is as important as developing a product. Leaving little room for error in your application may cost you downtime and a negative image to your clients. We can assist you in protecting your image.

We can cover three core types of testing within Quality Assurance

Manual Testing

This type of testing is a process carried out to find the defects. In this method the tester plays an important role as end user and verify all features of the application to ensure that the behavior of the application. The Manual Testing is very basic type of testing which helps to find the bugs in the application under test.

The main goal of Manual Testing is to make sure that the application under test is defect free and software application is working as per the requirement specification document.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is a technique uses an application to implement entire life cycle of the software in less time and provides efficiency and effectiveness to the testing software. It is an an Automatic technique where the tester writes scripts by own and uses suitable software to test the software. It is basically an automation process of a manual process.

The main goal of Automation Testing is to increase the test efficiency and develop software value

Performance / Load Testing

This type of testing perform to determine the performance of system to major the measure, validate or verify quality attributes of the system like responsiveness, Speed, Scalability, Stability under variety of load conditions. The system is tested under a mixture of load conditions and check the time required responding by the system under varying workloads.

The main goal of Performance Testing is not only find the bugs in the system but also eliminate the performance bottlenecks from the system.

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