Who We Are

Tech Intellectuals is a custom software development and staffing company. We assist clients in their software development needs, augment our clients’ in-house IT department with highly qualified talent pool, and collaborate with clients to build their ideas from conceptual to a functional product.

We serve all industries, no matter what your industry is, you can count on us to hand you the best resources to work on your project.

We cherish our work and value the products that we produce to our clients. We value our clients and work the extra mile to ensure our clients' satisfaction and pride of the product that will represent their company image.

Our Services

How we Engage

You have several ways to engage with us

Dedicated Resources

Add and Remove resources on your projects as you would like to proceed.

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Project Based

This is a great option if the scope and the requirements are defined.

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Agile Contracts

Agile use an incremental approach to both planning and development.

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Development Services

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